From our tour with Sparta…Hitting the road again next week to make some headline memories. 6/28 RVA show to feat. @mauradara from Denali️. Full vid link in IG profile… Produced by @mondialcreative @GoPro

Brick Mansions Trailer…

Watch RZA and (RIP) Paul Walker go to war in the new official trailer for Brick Mansions  featuring my version of “Stand By Me”.


The new official video for my song “Needles” is out now! We set out to make a music video… that’s really a short film… that’s so good, it looks like it could be a teaser for a feature film! Did we hit our mark? You be the judge…

Some words from the writer and director, Amos McKay

“The song to me evokes images of an Orwellian society taken over by conformity and eventually government mind control. I was inspired by the classically dark storylines and contrasted imagery from shows reminiscent of The Twilight Zone and decided to do my own version complete with a vintage sense of the future. This story unfolds the day in the life of a memory conversion operator (a person who converts memories into energy) who’s become so apathetic to his duties that he’s now blind to the horrors he commits daily. In true The Twilight Zone fashion, the operator has the tables turned on him in a climactic twist that I hope would be worthy of Rod Serling’s approval,”

Starring Fred Iacovo and Linda Kennedy
Surveillance played by Maura Davis
Messenger played by Joel Burleson
Chairman played by Chris Hagen
Guards played by Jon Spencer and Alex Rizzo
Shot by Graham Copeland
Edited by Nick Wurz
Makeup by Shelley Illmensee
Gripped by Barry Ellenberger and Alex Rizzo
Production Assisted by Andrew Volpe and Ula Copeland


Soccer and video games…two of my BFFs. Any FIFA fans out there may be delighted to hear my song, “KITTY HAWK” in EA SPORTS official trailer for FIFA 14. It will also be featured in the game and on the soundtrack due out this fall. Pretty cool…